Wednesday, January 6, 2010

hars park

We went to the hars (horse) park the other day with hopes of a successful day of filming. it turned out to be a fun day. we all got laid by hot chicks when we went to the grocery store too (??). Im not gonna leak any of the good photos yet.
ben and torrey got ready together in the parking lot
ben farrell going for the bomb drop
dark mangler keeping it mad artsy
the crew at the drop in zone
you are seeing it here first folks, this is going to be the new trend for 2010. you actually snowboard like that. not being able to see is gonna be the new skinny stance, for sure.
"i'm going to blog now, give me the camera"
chris brewster doing something sweet but you cant tell what it was

check out them sweat stripes, thats bens new signature animal farm jacket coming out in like 3 years
cover shot

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