Monday, April 12, 2010

random homie pics

its been a while since ive posted any pictures ive taken, but heres a bunch of pictures that ive taken of all my friends. more pics of other shit on the way

ryan paul skating the celtek ramp
cale up in the interview chair
graham "i need a new pic now that im back on facebook"
matt piasecki reppin the kenny powers shirt every day from now on
chad holmes during mustache march
horny ed trying out "the cocker spaniel", the newest haircut trend
joseph after taking a little spill at the canyons. peep that marine life bandana
trevor playing in some fresh crete
bennet and jungle eddie
the new brighton park crew mascot
brandon hammid and a little boombox
celtek wheat posts
gyp, farrell, hammid
beard wars
stu and littlest
fish sticks
justin gyp, inventor of the new pop top beer can. youll see this at all parties from now on
and finally heres some incriminating photos of sean black. you get one banger video part and sometimes fame can lead you down the wrong path. sean i think that you need to get some help and start getting off the drugs.

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