Thursday, February 25, 2010

new york trip megapost pt 1 - the drive

ok folks, this is it. the first post from our trip to ny. no boarding in this one but there will be a lot more photos to come so hold your horses.

pablo was sad to see me leave salt lake. he probably pissed all over the place right after this picture was taken
Corbett hooked us up with a bunch of honest tea for the drive and we somehow made it fit. thanks a lot bud.
We watched this dvd about 15 times during the drive (hehe)

seemed like an appropriate way to start the trip
weak sunset in wyoming
fuck nebraska
this is when i started my shift
still driving through shitty ass nebraska
dangler taking over somewhere in the middle of iowa
ben didnt sleep the whole time. (side note : notice the 3 different hcsc backpack generations)

scoping some possible new cobra dog merchandise?
we made it. thanks to shannon for letting us crash the 1st night. and for buying 5 stinky dudes breakfast
awwwww hellllllllzz yeah now were on the east.

dangler has been sexting the whole time
"take me to the spot." "were here"
way more coming soon

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