Sunday, February 28, 2010

new york megapost #2

heres part two of the new york trip. this all took place before we made it to syracuse. lotta photos here, and way more comin soon.
steve pelc showed up, this is his hood
rick bird, rippin ciggs
ben littler checkin angles
ben farrell psyched as usual. he probably just landed a hamm
psyched to be boardin after a 28 hour straight drive
mattys hand
this would have been funny if the people came home while we were there
mean muggin mo
the dangler family took us to sticky fingers, best bbq joint ever. thanks guys
das right
pretty standard morning routine
dangler down by the ocean of new york
crazy bungee contraptions
pullin' out
danglers got chicks
labatts all day baby
ben farrell made a new friend at the bar. bitch was crazy

animal farm bitch
dad-cam dangler
lonely littler
we made it to syracuse to the farrell residence. surfs up

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