Thursday, March 4, 2010


syracuse, new york is one of my new favorite places. we stayed at the farrell home for about a week, and left feeling like a part of the family. thanks for everything guys
breakfast ready for us every morning. it was 100 times better than staying at a hotel
this rail is too long
banana peel
steve and ricky had their first experience with a bungee
pelcs pant flare
ben getting ready
hail mary thrown, and it was good
dunkin and hamm sandwiches was the diet for the whole trip
2 dunkin stops in one day. we deserved their window stickers
this rail is no joke. pretty much the perfect rail if your into big down rails
the next day we hit up our dunkin donuts location of choice. this is place is OG, before they got all flashy

love/hate spot check. funny how such a small rail had such a huge impact on snowboarding
ben getting mad urban in the woods
"bon voyage!"
littler reppin that animal farm at the spot
more from syracuse coming soon