Wednesday, March 10, 2010

activities in syracuse

with ben getting hurt we had start looking around for a few more spots by ourselves, which led to us getting into a lot more activities. we ate some more pizza, obviously.

we checked out this abandoned concrete factory to see if there was something to snowboard on. there wasnt anything, but that place was sweet either way.
theres a noose hanging from the top of the building, sketchy
lots of crazy tags everywhere
sfk tribute shot
heres the noose again
bens got a mini ramp in his backyard. me and matty drank some beers and sessioned this thing for about 5 minutes.
lot of this going on at night
matty writing down some lyrics for the new R&B group FoDP

mattys room for the week

it snowed two feet overnight then this was the temperature the next morning
there was two feet of snow, so we decided to leave syracuse
not before ben's mom showed us some baby pictures of ben
ben farrell. i dont really know how else to explain this photo. thanks to the farrells for the hospitality and for taking care of us in syracuse.
thats one slice!