Wednesday, March 10, 2010

back to rochestah, then to buffalo

rochester is home to genessee ale. if you go to the right spots you can find a 30 rack for 10 bucks. you get what you pay for
DD 4 LIFE. that guy was telling mark about a halfpike somewhere. he seriously said it with a k. thats when you know your on the east
so much snow to dig out
mark dangler, professional videographer.
this is new york still right?
i can smell how bad he smelled just by looking at this photo.
yeah, bet you wish you could go here

dangler posted up again
we cleaned up just in time to start driving again
we stopped at another incredible pizza joint on the way to buffalo
pelc's wall decorations were on point
we stayed at steve pelcs house, and denny came over to watch party heat with us. dont mess with this guy

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