Sunday, March 7, 2010

more syracuse

some spots in syracuse are in some pretty hood ass neighborhoods. we ran into the canadian sandbox crew, and needless to say they were a little intimidated by the "dodgy" streets. heres some people wondering what the hell we were doing up there by that railing
we met this kid anthony who helped regulate the pedestrians and the angry people inside those houses
he also introduced a couple shots, just wait for showemus for some serious commentary hamms
down with animal farm for life
unfortunately ben broke his arm in half the next day
literally broke it in half. get well soon bud
we kept going without him even though spirits were a little low, and tried to keep loggin them hamms. matty put in some serious work at this spot
peeping one of the 400 lines that he did that day
andy forgash tribute shot
ben girardi came out with us a bunch in syracuse to shoot photos and lay out some backies
littler got bumped up to the riding team once ben got hurt
ben g shredding as well
i took over their jobs as media guy that day and drank a few of these bad boys. yep thats right, arnold palmer regular sized cans.
this place has been good to us

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