Thursday, June 10, 2010

mega super park post

finally getting around to posting things again... heres a bunch of photos from super park last month

the roof rack didnt really shut so we had to make sure it wouldnt fly open
a familiar roadside attraction on rt 80

gyp checking out the desert
granger likes to drive fast
first sight of mammoth
bogart getting his mammoth steeze proper
granger poppin one off
rory is coreys homie from idaho and he was really psyched to catch a ride down to watch the wci contest
86 motha fuckas, he made it official

castros bodega
chyp heatin it up during the building of the hcsc qp
it was pretty sweet watching this thing get built
we made a nice little rythym section into the woods, it was dicey
real dicey. the second jump was three times that size when it was done
the smallest big jump 85 ft
so 86 won the rail jam but broke his collerbone in the process. the first thing he did was came and roll sushi at our hotel

chef boy r grange doin his thing

the next night we did some chicken tacos. shit was nice!

terrence gettin a mean 35ft fs invert
castro gettin a hand on there as well
darker puke fs 3 i think
tucker andrews hangin
me doing a frontflip in the rythym section
probably the most amazing photo from the whole trip. brandon hammid
sean black and myself
sean transfering the two rythym sections

we got some knuck tats. bogart

corey aka da boss
dennison early morning chuck
you need some speed to get out on a 35 ft qp
gettin that shit proper
chuck g
austin sweetin
stompson late in the day chuckin
bogart a little tuckered out
and that was it for my winter...
edit coming soon but maybe not

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