Monday, June 14, 2010

mt hood update #1

hood for the summer again. feels good to be back and it looks like its gonna be a good one

parker had an accident first night we were there. see if you can find it in this photo
during precamp most of the digger work is done in the storage warehouse. we got all the rails fixed up and had to take 3 loads worth up to timberline
load #1
loading the big tube
corey aka da boss during the first big digger bowl session. yeah that thing is in our backyard, no biggie
raaaaaaaandy with a flatbottom push to handplant
brock gave desiree some hair
we try and throw rocks into little holes in the wall when there isnt anything to do
parker didnt get this one in
getting the final load all loaded up
86 aka ryan paul might not be with us digging (yet?) but hes here in spirit
the new skate setups at camp are real fun. hobush indy over the hip in new bowl #1
hobush again this time channel gap transfer in the new spine zone
stefani fs grind in the other new bowl
castro front tail in the battlezone
double longboard mallgrabs. gotta love the govy locs

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